Financial Support

Ph.D. Financial Packages Readily Available

Our financial aid package for admitted students will be explained in greater detail when you are accepted to our program. Funding levels tend to rise slightly each year. We have recently awarded most accepted students a combination of fellowship and research assistantship appointment during the first year.

Apply for an External Fellowship

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to apply for external fellowships, such as the National Science Foundation, Hertz and Department of Defense fellowships. If the external fellowship is not sufficient to cover the standard department support level, a supplement will be provided by the University, the Department or a research advisor. These fellowships strongly enhance your resume for your future career.

Masters Students

Masters students do not receive fellowships and are rarely appointed to Research Assistantships. The Stanford University Financial Aid Office offers information about loans available to US citizens or permanent residents.

Graduate Student Research Funds

Students employed as graduate student researchers are supported by funds from research grants and contracts obtained by faculty in the Department. The selection of a research topic is carried out by mutual agreement between the student and the advisor(s). In addition to the salary, students with assistantships receive tuition and a health insurance subsidy to partially offset the cost of student health insurance premiums.