Program Sheets and Petitions - Undergraduate

Use and Submission of Program Sheets

Every MSE major must submit a program sheet in order to graduate. Your Program Sheet is an essential document for planning and degree certification by the School of Engineering (SoE). It is in effect a student’s contract with the SoE because completion of all courses listed on the sheet is a requirement for receiving the Bachelor degree with a major in the School. The first version of the Program Sheet is submitted at the time the student declares the major. Subsequent changes can be made by having the advisor’s initial on minor revisions, or resubmit an updated Program Sheet with new signature if there are extensive changes. The final version of your Program Sheet must be complete, accurate, and signed by your advisor PRIOR to the quarter in which you plan to graduate.

Program Sheets, sample 4 year plans, and requirements are all described in the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs. Hard copies of the handbook can be picked up from the Office of Student Affairs, located on the 2nd floor of Terman Engineering. You can also download an online version of the handbook.

Use and Submission of Petitions

Students have the option to petition for deviations from curricular requirements. Petitions must be approved PRIOR to a student's last quarter.

Be sure to completely fill out the petition form AND your program sheet prior to handing them in. Advisor signatures are required on both forms prior to submitting the petitions.

Petitions to deviate from UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS (GER requirements, Foreign Language requirements, and the like) are handled through the Registrar's Office located at 482 Galvez Mall.

Petitions to deviate from DEPARTMENTAL DEPTH REQUIREMENTS are handled by the MSE department via the Student Services Office.

Petitions to deviate from non-departmental SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING REQUIREMENTS (Math, Science, Technology in Society, or Fundamentals) are reviewed by the Student Affairs in 475 Huang Engineering Center Suite 135.

When submitting a petition:

  • Be sure to include the reasoning behind your request and to obtain the signature of your major advisor.
  • Attach a completed Program Sheet and a current Stanford Transcript (an AXESS copy is fine) to the petition request.
  • Return the completed package to the School of Engineering Office of Student Affairs or the Department Student Services Office as appropriate.

Completed packages have:

  • Completed form with reasoning behind request and  advisor signature.
  • Completed program sheet.
  • Unofficial Stanford Transcript.

To download petition forms, please see the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs.