David M. Barnett, Dislocation mechanics, elastic waves in anisotropic solids.

Arthur I. Bienenstock, Diffraction phenomena, amorphous solids and synchrotron radiation.

Mark L. Brongersma, Nanoscale electronics and photonics

Bruce M. Clemens, Thin film materials science, nanowires and x-ray diffraction.

Yi Cui, Fundamentals and applications of nanomaterials.

William Chueh, Fundamental and applied electrochemistry

Reinhold H. Dauskardt, Microstructure and mechanical behavior of materials.

Jennifer A. Dionne, Nanophotonics, plasmonics, and metamaterials.

Sarah Heilshorn, Biomaterials, regenerative medicine, and protein and tissue engineering.

Aaron Lindenberg, Ultrafast materials phenomena, femtosecond x-ray techniques.

Michael D. McGehee, Organic semiconductors, self-assembled nanostructures and photovoltaic cells

Paul C. McIntyre, (Department Chair) Kinetic phenomena, interface structure and properties, thin films, electronic materials.

Nicholas A. Melosh, Biomaterials and molecular electronics.

Friedrich B. Prinz, Prototyping and modeling of micro and nanoscale structures.

Evan Reed, Computation and theory: Quantum and empirical atomistic methods, multi-scale modeling

Alberto Salleo, Laser materials processing, materials and processes for large-area electronics.

Robert Sinclair, High resolution electron microscopy, interface structure and phase reactions.

Shan X. Wang, (Associate Chair) Magnetic nanotechnology, biosensing and information storage.

Professors from other Departments with Courtesy Appointments in MSE

Zhenan Bao, (Chemical Engineering) Organic electronics, flexible electronic and energy devices, polymer and carbon nano electronic materials, electronic skin

Stacey Bent, (Chemical Engineering) Semiconductor processing and surface reactivity.

Wei Cai, (Mechanical Engineering) Predicting mechanical strength of materials through theory and simulations of defect microstructures across atomic, mesoscopic and continuum scales.

Ian Fisher, (Applied Physics) Magnetism and correlated electrons in new or exotic materials. Crystal growth.

Curtis W. Frank, (Chemical Engineering) Polymer physics and interface science.

Sam Gambhir, (Radiology) Merges advances in molecular biology with those in biomedical imaging to advance the new field of molecular imaging.

Geoffrey Gurtner, (Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive) Mechanism of new blood vessel growth following injury and how pathways of tissue regeneration and fibrosis interact in wound healing.

James S. Harris, (Electrical Engineering) Molecular beam epitaxy for electronic, optoelectronic and non-linear optical devices.

Michael Longaker, (Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive) Wound healing, fetal wound healing research, developmental biology and tissue engineering.

Arun Majumdar, (Mechanical Engineering) Nanoscale materials and devices for energy conversion, transport and storage

Yoshio Nishi, (Electrical Engineering) MOS device, Nanoscale devices, 3D circuits, non-volatile memory.

James D. Plummer, (Electrical Engineering) Semi-conductor materials and devices.

Krishna Saraswat, (Electrical Engineering) Semi-conductor materials and devices.

Jonathan F. Stebbins, (Geology) Nuclear magnetic resonance, structure and dynamics of oxide liquids, glasses, and crystals.

Joachim Stohr, (SSRL) Characterization of materials with synchrotron radiation.

Yunzhi Peter Yang, (Orthopedic Surgery) Bio-inspired biomaterials and medical devices,  tissue engineering, functionally graded biomaterials,  and cancer therapy.

Active Emeritus Professors

John C. Bravman, Semiconductor materials processing, thin film mechanical properties.

Richard H. Bube, Photoelectronic and photovoltaic materials and devices.

Robert S. Feigelson, Crystal growth of biological, electronic, optical, and superconducting materials.

Theodore H. Geballe, Condensed matter, and superconducting and magnetic oxides.

Robert A. Huggins, Advanced batteries, hydrogen storage.

William D. Nix, Dislocation mechanics, mechanical behavior of solids in bulk and thin film form.

Robert L. White, Magnetic materials.

Consulting Faculty

Geraud Dubois, Sol-gel synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid materials

Turgut Gur, Electrochemical energy conversion systems and materials

Michael A. Kelly, Thin film synthesis and surface analytical techniques, XPS measurements.

Baylor Triplett, Gate dielectrics.

Robert M. White, Magnetic materials and physics.

Research Centers

Bay Area Photovoltaic Consortium (BAPVC)

Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology (CMN)