Applying to Graduate Programs in Materials Science and Engineering

Application Deadline

Applications for the Fall of 2014-15 academic year are available online beginning in mid-September. The official final deadlines are:

  • Ph.D.: 11:59 PM (PST), December 2, 2014
  • M.S.: 11:59 PM (PST), January 6, 2015

ALL supporting materials (official scores, transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.) must be submitted by the applicaton deadline.

Apply On-Line

Apply online through the Graduate Admissions Office at: The fee for online graduate applications is $125.00.

The University application is found on the Graduate Admissions website. Please read all the information provided prior to applying (any general graduate admission information given on the Materials Science & Engineering website is subject to revision by the Graduate Admissions Office). GRE and TOEFL tests must be taken early enough for us to receive the test scores by the application deadline. No late test scores, recommendation letters, transcripts, or other applicable supporting materials will be accepted.

The application consists of the following required materials, all of which must be received by the appropriate deadline in order for it to be considered complete:

  • Online application, statement of purpose and unofficial transcript(s).
  • A minimum of three (3), maximum of six (6) recommendation letters submitted online directly by the recommenders.*
  • Official test scores reported by ETS. Stanford's institution code is 4704; NO DEPARTMENT CODE NEEDED.
  • Mail one (1) Official Transcript from all post-secondary instituions you have attended for at least one year in a degree program to:

    Student Services Office
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    496 Lomita Mall, Durand Building, Room 111A
    Stanford, CA 94305-4034
    Tel: 650-724-6784
    Fax: 650-725-4034

*Paper recommendations are not permissible and will only be accepted if online submission is not possible. All other non-essential mailings will not be included in the application.

We urge you to apply early and make every attempt to get your questions answered early. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your questions.

Student Services Manager:
Fi Verplanke (
Student Services Specialist: Kevin Gribble(

Late Applications on a Space-Available-Only Basis

We can only accept late applications if there is still space in our incoming class. Please contact the department if you are unable to apply by the deadline. For the Ph.D. program, financial aid is highly unlikely if you miss the original application deadline.

Full-Time Study Starts Fall Quarter

Full time Ph.D. and M.S. students generally begin during the Fall Quarter. Starting a different quarter is highly unlikely due to the nature and structure of our program.

Part-Time Study Available

We do offer the M.S. degree through the Stanford Center for Professional Development on a part-time basis for working students. Students who participate in this program may begin in Fall, Winter or Spring and can apply accordingly.

Obtaining Both M.S. and Ph.D. Degrees

If you expect to obtain both an M.S. degree and a Ph.D. degree, apply to the Ph.D. program only. Apply to the M.S. program only if you want a terminal M.S. degree. We do not accept direct applications for the Engineer's degree program.

Suitable Backgrounds

Any engineering discipline or related science discipline (i.e. physics, chemistry, etc.), or mathematics is a good base for graduate study in materials science and engineering.

Notification of Admission Decisions

We make admissions decisions first, then make financial aid offers from among those students who have been accepted to the Ph.D. program. You will receive emails as well as letters regarding any admissions decisions and financial aid you may be offered. If you are admitted to our Ph.D. program, you will be invited to visit Stanford during March 2014 to meet the faculty and current students, and get a feel for graduate life here. We will ask if you plan to attend the visit day when you are accepted.

Campus Housing

On campus housing is promised to first year students willing to accept any housing assignment AND who apply by the housing deadline which is in early May, so submitting your application on time and making your school choice is important for that reason.

We look forward to receiving your application and are willing to do whatever we can to help you get through the process of submitting it. Please contact us with any questions you have at: We will get back to you as soon as we can.