Applying - Undergraduates

Prospective undergraduates interested in studying engineering at Stanford apply to the university through the Undergraduate Admissions Office - not directly to the Department. Stanford encourages all undergraduates to pursue a broad-based education, and this policy allows them  to explore a wide range of possible major fields before committing to a specific one.  When convinced that Materials Science and Engineering is the appropriate field, students may "declare" the major before end of the sophomore year.

Stanford University Undergraduate Admission Office  | View»

Information for freshman admission, application process, transferring to Stanford and other matters related to Stanford undergraduate admissions can be found at this site.

School of Engineering - Prospective Undergraduate Students  | View»

The School of Engineering has general information for undergraduates interested in an Engineering education at Stanford, on this page.


MSE 160: Nanomaterials Lab

Students get chance to test cutting edge nanotechnology for themselves