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How to Declare

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Ready to declare?

  1. Send an email to our MSE UG Advising team at to set up an initial MatSci advising appointment. The purpose of the meeting is to review the basics of getting a BS in MatSci and to assign a Major Advisor.
    • During this meeting, we will fill out a preliminary MatSci Program Sheet to assist with course planning. This initial plan is not binding. It may be helpful to preview our Major requirements before the meeting and have filled out some completed/intended coursework.
    • We'll also declare your major in Axess!1 The steps are My Academics > Declare Goal > Add Major.
  2. Following the meeting, there are two tasks for you:
  3. Congratulations and welcome to MatSci! 🎊


  1. Stanford requires the declaration of a major by the end of sophomore year. The department will, of course, accept later declarations from students who change majors.

Non-Stanford students

At Stanford University, students do not apply as undergraduates to specific departments, but rather to the university itself. This allows students to explore many options and develop their interests before committing to a specific major.

Undergraduate students declare their majors in their second year of study (and no later than the beginning of junior year) and then continue in a major subject for the duration of their undergraduate studies.

If you are currently considering attending Stanford, see the Undergraduate Admissions site for more information.