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Information for Current Graduate Students

Getting an Advisor

Upon admission to the graduate program at the MSE department, you will be assigned one or more advisors. Your advisor is your best resource for academic planning and research supervision. It is important to build a strong relationship with your advisor during your time at Stanford.  If at any time you feel that your advisor assignment is no longer appropriate, please come to the Student Services Office. You may change advisors at any time.

Graduate Handbook

The MSE student handbook has been prepared in the hope that it will be of continuing help to you during your study at Stanford. It discusses the various requirements, rules, practices and procedures that are necessary for you to navigate the university, school and department bureaucracy toward your degree. It is the responsibility of both the faculty and the Student Services Staff to make sure that a Stanford graduate degree is meaningful and significant. These rules and procedures are designed to facilitate that goal as well as meet the various university rules that apply to students at Stanford and in this department.