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Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Materials

The department is deeply engaged in investigating the behavior of light and particles at the nanometer scale.

For any electronic device to function well, electrical current must be efficiently controlled by switching devices, which becomes increasingly challenging as systems approach very small dimensions. This problem must be addressed by synthesizing materials that allow reliable turn-on and turn-off of current at any size scale. New electronic and photonic nanomaterials promise dramatic breakthroughs in communications, computing devices and solid-state lighting. Current research includes bulk crystal growth, organic semiconductors, thin film and nanostructure growth, and soft lithography.

Related People

Mark Brongersma

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and, by courtesy, of Applied Physics

Jennifer Dionne

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Paul McIntyre

Rick and Melinda Reed Professor in the School of Engineering and Senior Fellow, by courtesy, at the Precourt Institute for Energy

Alberto Salleo

Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Affiliate, Precourt Institute for Energy
Member, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Shan X. Wang

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and of Electrical Engineering and, by courtesy, of Radiology (Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford)