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CA/RA Appointments

RA/CA Appointments

We now have moved to an online form for both RA and CA appointments.

  • This applies to everyone who is NOT on SGF, NSF, NDSEG, or outside fellowships.  For those on NSF/NDSEG fellowships a supplementation (stipend or small RA) may be needed – all faculty have been alerted.
  • You must be enrolled for 10 units (unless TGR/GRQrtr = MatSci 802).


If this is your first time as an RA or CA:

You will need to complete the i-9 documentation prior to the start of the quarter.  You can find the link to the paperwork needed below.  It is greatly appreciated that you complete pages 1-2 using the dropdowns and fill-ins as much as possible before submitting to Mara.  ALSO – on page one include your student id number on the top right.

I-9 Form

International CAs: 

International graduate students who wish to be appointed as teaching assistants or course assistants must first be screened by EFS for readiness to use English in a teaching role. To make an appointment, a student should contact Students who are native English speakers may call 725-5378 or 725-1557 to request a waiver. For more information see: