Themes that define us
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Academic themes that are depicted below, Biomedicine, Design, Energy, Multi-Scale and Simulation, are at the heart of all of our departmental efforts. Together they define our multi-disciplinary curriculum and express our vision for the Materials Science And Engineering profession and industry. Throughout this site, you will see this symbol which has been designed to demonstrate not only areas of specific knowlege, but also to show that they combine to make up a greater whole.

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The properties of any material depend not only on what it's made of, but also how the atoms and molecules within it are arranged.

Electronic and Photonic

Exploring nanostructured inorganic materials for applications in electronics, energy and medical technologies.

Striving for solar

Pursuing the next big breakthrough in solar energy is hard work that requires creative thinking and a resilient spirit. Grad student Craig Peters brings exactly those qualities to the task.

Nano and Biological Materials

Exploring a new frontier requires gaining access to the territory. It takes creating a connection. Nick Melosh's research is about controlling cells, proteins, and ultimately physiological functions, with precise man-made electronics.


Manipulating the chemical and molecular structure of novel nanomaterials to achieve optimized thermomechanical properties for nanoscience and energy technologies.

Ultrafast Science

Stop-action photography of materials in motion on femtosecond time-scales and at atomic-scale resolution