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Materials Science and Engineering (MATSCI) Minor

A Minor in Materials Science and Engineering allows interested students to explore the role of materials in modern technology and to gain an understanding of the fundamental processes that govern materials behavior. A Minor could be a great option for you if you're interested in taking a solid body of MATSCI courses and would like formal recognition (on your diploma) for your efforts.

The MATSCI Minor requires seven courses totaling 28 units. We encourage you to look at the course catalog on ExploreCourses. More information on the MATSCI Minor can be found in the Stanford Bulletin and more general information is provided by Stanford Student Services.

Declaration process

  1. Fill out a MATSCI Minor program sheet with the courses of interest.
  2. Contact an MSE Advisor for a brief chat to answer questions and review the program sheet.
  3. Declare the Minor on Axess and send the Minor program sheet to MSE Student Services for approval, noting that you had met with an MSE Advisor (CC'd on the email).
  4. Welcome to MATSCI!