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Research Overview

Our faculty and students research the infinitesimally small to achieve breakthroughs of global significance, working at the atomic and molecular levels to create the microscopic devices and systems essential for cutting-edge solar energy production, energy storage, information technology and medicine.

The proliferation of computing power is enabling exciting new approaches to the characterization and design of materials.

The department is deeply engaged in investigating the behavior of light and particles at the nanometer scale.

Multiple geophysical and social pressures are forcing a shift from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy sources.

Nanotechnology is shaping the practice of medicine, promising advances of unprecedented scope. 

To construct efficient materials at the nanoscale, we must thoroughly understand the way atoms and molecules are arranged.

Nano-Mechanics quantifies the essential properties of nanomaterials.

The realm of the ultra-small is ultrafast: atoms and molecules vibrate at quadrillionths-of-a-second cycles.